Life in the Community at 1618 Hamilton... and beyond

M'Boro 1st Nazarene Family and Friends,

We are in the season of Epiphany, a time of revelation of seeing who God is in the incarnation of Christ, and also seeing clearly our call and purpose to live lives of holiness following His lead of grace and mercy.  Over the weeks ahead we will be looking to the God whom we see revealed in Jesus Christ, our Lord.

There are ongoing questions as the issues with COVID-19 continue to change and develop.  

As of May 23rd, 2021 here is our policy moving forward:  We are grateful for the way the wise choices you have been making and the way that medicine is helping to push back the spread of COVID. While we are lifting our encouragement to wear mask at M’Boro 1st, due to the increased vaccination rates and recent updates, we will continue to have masks available and we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE their use while in close, indoor settings, and social distancing for those yet to receive vaccinations.  Otherwise wearing a mask or practice of social distancing will be at your personal discretion.

Offerings:  We will continue to collect tithes and offerings at the close of the service.  They may be left in the offering plate as you exit. Our counters will record and deposit the offering following services.  We have added an option to give electronically through the church website or phone application. 

Connecting Beyond the Address: We will continue to use Zoom for our Sunday School class and will post offerings for other online discipleship opportunities.  Our Wednesday night prayer meeting will also be on Zoom and we encourage you to connect this way.  For worship services we will offer a connection through Facebook Live on @murnaz. 

What we need most from you:  Keep seeking grace, keep asking, “How can I be Christ to my neighbor?”  Your neighbors and friends need to hear a good, HONEST word of encouragement from you when we gather.  There’s been no shortage of gloom, doubt, or fear to go around.  And we have every reason for solemn concern.  But we are a people who proclaim: “if God is for us, who could stand against us!”  Let’s gather in hope. (Romans 8)

We remain eager to see you.  We are eager to hear your voices and to know you are in the presence of the Lord with us as we pray, hear the Word, and praise His holy name.  Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

Please check back regularly to our Facebook page for regular updates and contact Pastor should you have any needs, concerns, or questions.

You are loved.

Grace and Peace to you,


Pastor Matthew & Kara and the Church Board of Murfreesboro First Church of the Nazarene